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What does the mobile app do?

Some of our features... 

Save Money

Save on your Healthcare expenses by having previous lab reports available for your Physician

Lab Reports

Upload your Lab reports and view them chronologically  and more...

Family First

Manage your Family’s health from one secure account


Never forget taking your medications on time, doctor’s visits and more…

Track Vaccinations

Keep track of the history of vaccinations, allergies and medications

Share with Doctors

Fast track diagnosis by sharing all your stored health data with your doctor for effective treatment


Avoid complications (fatal sometimes) with sharing critical care data such as blood type, allergies, primary doctor, medications and emergency contacts

Available Anywhere

Upload your Medical documents and Lab reports securely on our Secure Cloud


Track your fitness and well-being goals with connectivity to Apple Health & Google Fit Introduction

Main Features

Intelligent Prediction Services

How does it work?

Get the App

Download the app from the Apple store or Google Play and Register

Create Profile

Follow the On-Boarding Wizard to create your Health Profile

Upload Photos

Go to your Document Library and Take Photo’s of the medical documents you would like to upload

You're Golden

You can now share your health profile with your physicians and care takers

That's it!

Now you have access to all your medical information and can share it with your doctors and family members

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For Clinicians & Caregivers

How does help you treat your patients?

Aid Prognosis


Patients can share an accurate and up-to-date historical digital record to aid your prognosis and a more effective treatment

Empowering Patients


Giving patients control over healthcare in ways that clinicians may not typically consider. Patients want ownership over the things that matter most to them, such as measuring and monitoring their own biometrics and having access to condition-specific information when and where they want it. Clinicians can help patients understand the important role patients have in managing their own health challenges

Care Givers

At medlog, we want to help solve many of the big challenges we face today in Healthcare such as:

  • Empowering Patients with their Data

  • Progressing towards a "Universal Health Record"

  • Reducing the over-utilization of our health systems with unnecessary tests


We understand that the industry is rapidly transforming with the upsurge of health data and its availability

With exciting new areas in Healthcare such as genome sequencing, precision health, precision medicine, tele-pathology and more getting invented everyday it only shows how health data will become key in providing care in the future

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